Monday, June 6, 2011

Point and Shoot:

My Sunday was full of excitement  and inspiration.
with this little ducky  the star of the show.

I have always loved, some may say  borderline obsessed, with photography.
I studied it in high school and then went onto a photography college, but the darkrooms 
always made me feel nauseous and most of the people that were at the college were pretentious tossers and I didn't enjoy the course, at all,  so dropped out. 

After that I still always had a camera close by, but didn't really go beyond taking happy snaps.
When Sadie arrived I convinced the babydaddy that we would be better off to spend our money on a really good DSLR rather than getting a baby portrait session done. 
Thankfully he agreed.

For a while I was happy with what I got out of it on auto mode but I knew that I had an 
amazing tool on my hands I just needed the information on how to use it. 

Earlier this year I enrolled in a Beyond Snapshots online course. It was fantastic and having the feedback on my assignments I submitted was a huge help. I also think the forum, where you could chat with other students and also learn from them was super helpful.
 Once the Beyond Snapshots course finished I wanted more (without committing a few years 
to a uni course). I had always wanted to do a Love Your camera workshop so I signed up for 
a one day workshop with Angie Baxter while I still had the momentum.

It was such a wonderful experience. Angie is so passionate about photography and you an tell, I love that for her it's not a job it's a lifestyle. The setting, at Abbotsford convent, was perfect, mother nature was on our side and to top it off lunch was delicious.

Here's some more of my very co-operative subject. 

And here's one of my not so co-operative subject that didn't feel like having a camera shoved
in her face once I got home. (Bloody Diva).

I can not recommend either of the courses I have done highly enough. 
They were both awesome and will no doubt inspire lots of point and shoot sessions, I'm sure.
And who knows what's to come......


  1. OMGoodness - I did a course with the delightful ANGIE this year and have just enrolled in Beyond Snap Shots to commence later this month.
    Your photos are GREAT!!! X

  2. They sound amazing, I'd love to do some courses this year. Love the last picture of your little diva - too cute!