Monday, June 13, 2011

Point and Shoot : It's Dancey Dance Time

So if you were wandering around Melbourne town on Saturday and noticed the lack of 
pre school hipsters on the streets, then you would have been either rejoicing the quiet 
or you were unaware that the coolest show to hit daytime Tv was in town.

We've seen and meet the Yo Gabba Gabba characters out and about over the 
past couple of years but DJ Lance Rock has always been missing. 

In the 60's it was The Stones or The Beatles, the 90's it was Brandon or Dylan, in my 
world at this moment in time it's The Wiggles or Yo Gabba Gabba. I personally have no 
place in my heart for grown men in flat fronted pants and skivvies entertaining my child. 
I do however hold a special spot for a black man in an orange jumpsuit and a furry hat.

We were most definitely doing the countdown in this house. I can not lie, I was probably more excited than a certain two year old, but this was her first proper "concert" so I suppose she didn't know what to expect. We got up Saturday morning and announced 


Waiting outside for the doors to open amongst a see of toddlers wouldn't be in my top 
ten of fun things to do, but once we got inside all kinds of fun unfolded. As lights dimmed, 
a nervousness hit the crowd as you could hear parents comforting there kids, the 
short stint of darkness quickly disappeared with flashing lights and the next couple of 
hours were filled with squealing, excitement and pure joy.

Here's a few screen caps form the video I made as the show started. 
I'm getting a bit gushy for point and shoot this week, I could look at these expressions all day.

I so hope they come back again soon will look a little weird if my sis and I go sans children.
I have a couple of  dates with Miss Kylie Minogue this week, she has a lot to live up to!


  1. sounds like you all had so much fun - my youngest loves Yo Gabba Gabba but she doesn't get to watch it much now she has started school xo

  2. Oh! I would have loved to take my lil one to see Yo Gabba Gabba! How exciting.

  3. I know a few people who were going to this, and let me say plenty parents were just as excited.
    We saw a small scale version at the shopping centre in school holidays so I can only imagine how cool the real deal would have been.

  4. those pictures of sadie are just divine xxx