Monday, June 27, 2011

Point and shoot: Little school

When the unfamiliar number came up on my phone screen I tried to remember if I had missed an appointment or had ordered something I forgotten about. 
It wasn't a call I had expected, we had been on a waiting list since the start of the year.
As I hung up the phone I tried talk through the lump in my throat
"Sadie has a spot in day care". 

Since her best friend started school this year, Sadie has been obsessed with school. 
Randomly informing us " I went to school today" or " I saw my friends from school today".
There's even been a few tears shed about wanting to go to school, so in the name of happiness, I may have told a little white lie and Miss Sadie thinks she is starting little school.

Off we trotted for her first orientation visit, she had her back pack on ready to go
 from the moment she was dressed.
It was supposed to be an hour, we were there for nearly three which included a request to stay for lunch. Easy! We still have another orientation session, then it's the real deal. 
Let's just see how I  cope walking out that gate alone.......

Best I quickly  head over to sunny + scout check out some other point and shoots before I become a blubbering mess.


  1. Oh- I love 'little school' - too cute.
    I remember bumping into someone at the shops near where my son was having his first 'trial' alone in care before I returned to part time work. The poor woman asked where my little buddy was and I melted down right there in front of her! I'd been holding back tears since I'd left him. It got easier with each time though. :-)

  2. Our youngest finally has a place in kindergarden, I'm so happy and just when I got the phone call, a job opportunity popped up. There is still some time until September to get used to all of that though ;-). I'm sure you'll be fine when it's for real ;-).

  3. How cute is she lol quite the poser! :) Love the photo.

  4. Gorgeous photo!
    So many special memories, stories, and little artworks to look forward to! :)