Monday, July 18, 2011

Point and Shoot : Last week

We met Sadie's newest cousin Alexis.
(This technically should have been a point and shoot for last week, 
but I guess I never got around to it.)

We joined in as the country went Gaga crazy and got a bit excited 
when my Dad declared his love for her.
I'm not sure why but I often find myself getting a little teary when I think of Gaga, her talent, what she stands for and the fact that she is willing to put her money where her mouth is sometimes a little overwhelming. Yep I'm a sook but I think she's ace.
(If you missed it you MUST watch A Gaga Affair )

This little pocket rocket turned 8
Happy Birthday Abs xoxo

Which gave us an excuse to cook up some delicious treats
(these cakes should come with a warning sticker to pre book your 
dentist before eating, either that or Jenny Craig!!!!)

This little monkey continues to get cuter, cheekier and funnier every single day,

and made me this awesome necklace at "little kinder" because she missed me and they are my favourite colours. Awwwww


  1. Sadie is adorable Bel. what a cutie! is that your other daughter who turned 8? how pretty is she! thanks for stopping by my blog! ps: i have no answers for 'linglon' :) what a sweet little word. they say the funniest things.

  2. your little monkey is just delightful so cute......and how adorable is your necklace, have a great week lisa