Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quirky and Quaint Check it out

I have lots of clever and creative friends and one of them is starting a new adventure that I wanted to share.

Kylie and I have been friends since school and have been through a lot of highs and 
lows together and I am sure this little venture will sit nicely amongst those highs.
She already runs a successful children's bedroom decor business,
Tiges & Weince and has now added what you might call a travelling roadshow to the mix. 

Head over to for the low down. 

As much as I love visiting the awesome handmade 
markets we have in Melbourne, somedays it just isn't practical, so I love the idea 
of having them brought to my own home. Kylie has sourced some awesome 
products and even though I'm not playing hostess until I return from my trip, 
I may have already pre ordered a couple of things. 

But that's our secret because I am supposed to be saving my cents to turn them into pennies......

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