Wednesday, July 6, 2011

School Holidays

Mother nature sure has something against school holidays in Melbourne.

Last week, even though the wind was a little bitter, the sun shone everyday. 
This week the kids are off school and the weather is blah.
With the clouds looking like they are going to open up any minute and a Mr doing 
night works I knew I had to keep them occupied so they didn't turn into screaming banshees 
(boredom - any parents worst nightmare).

A few hours this morning at the indoor pools WIN 
and then fatmumslim's post yesterday for Baked Doughnuts has saved the day.

It's even keep them sitting still watching the dough rise.

So if you need something to keep your kids occupied and you're not afraid 
of carb overload buy some dry yeast from the supermarket.

Did somebody say pizza for dinner!!

1 comment:

  1. Argh how crapola has it been - I'm heading to chaddy tomorrow (prob with a zillion others) because Im so sick of being home.
    Yum I'm so tempted to make those doughnuts if only I knew that I could refrain from eating them all myself.