Thursday, April 29, 2010

Looking for a house without bears

I feel like I have Goldilocks syndrome when it comes to my house hunting adventure. 
Too small, too far, too ugly.

I have discovered that waiting for an open inspection is like waiting for a job interview. You size up the competition on sight, but what do you really know about them? Sure you arrived in a "better" car, but they are "better" dressed. Then there's the uncomfortable part when you're trying to look at rooms to work out if your furniture will fit in them while you try to over hear what other prospective tenants are asking the real estate agent.
I have to be honest I have hardly any experience at this sort of thing. The first time I moved out of home I lived with one of my friends in a house that was owned by her parents (super cheap rent, oh those were the days). Then I moved to London where I lived in a house with about 7 other people, the only reference you needed was in the form of a months rent paid in cash. When I came back I was VERY fortunate that my parents had a bungalow in their back yard and I lived there until P and I moved into our current home. Which he brought before we were a "couple" and I was temporarily living in Canberra for work. Oh yeah the house I stayed in for the three months I was away for was sorted out by work, so again no inspections. So looking for a new home for us is a new and sometimes daunting experience for me.

This weekend I have another place to look at. The street's name is the same name I had chosen if Sadie had been a boy, so that's a good sign right? 
Hopefully this place will be just right!


  1. I have SO been in the same position as you. At one stage I got so frustrated at constantly looking at houses each week that if I turned up and there were already lots of people there I wouldn't even bother to get out of the car. But then, one day just by chance we found a great place and it made all of the wasted Saturdays worth while. I hope you find what you are looking for soon! Good luck!

  2. Thanks chicks, we put in an application for the place and now just have to wait for the call.
    Lizeylou - as we turned into the street there were loads of people out the front. I was amazed, hopefully we have the what the land lords are looking for!!!