Monday, November 8, 2010

the party


I really can not believe I now live with a two year old. How time flies.

While I struggle to see how the last two years have flown by so quickly, it also feels like Sadie has always been with us. The tiny little baby that filled my life with love and joy is now a little person and whenever I refer to her as my baby I have to correct myself,  while she will always be my baby she really is a little person. With a mind of her own!

So for her 2nd birthday we decided on a garden tea party. The first job was to get the invites sorted.

I'm super fortunate to be surrounded by some very creative types. I described what I wanted to one of my besties and she whipped up the info details of the invite to attach to the back of the photo I had taken.

My parents were kind enough to  donate their backyard for the celebration. 
Lucky because with 6 people in my yard it instantly feels like a party as it's pretty small, my parents have a lovely garden and more importantly a decent sized pergola, which was our saving grace as mother nature was so upset that she didn't get an invite that she dropped a few drizzly showers on the day.

I had a few OMG moments on the day. Like my ipod dock losing power three minutes before pass the parcel, the two batches of cupcakes that didn't even get iced because I ran out of time and the 6 tiered cake that only ended up as 4 tiers because I was afraid of it tipping before it was even cut.

Here's a peek at Sadie's party

Even though I short changed the guests two layers of cake I was still pretty pleased with myself (can you tell)?

I was also pretty pleased that my other grand plan came to life



  1. What a fun party and what a clever Mumma you are!

  2. looks like such a wonderful party. you are oh so clever.