Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gonna take you for a ride on a big jet plane

Last Thursday I spent the day in Brisbane with one of my girlfriends. 
I flew up on the 6.40 a.m., tight-arse, flight and left Bris-vegas at 7.40p.m.  
When I booked the flight I forgot all about the time difference. Arriving there around 8 a.m. wasn't 
too bad but the evening flight was slightly delayed and I got home at midnight. 
It was such a long day and I swear I had jet lag!!!!

There were a few reasons for my visit. 
One being to visit one of my besties that currently lives up there and it's been way too long between visits. I think when she first moved I was there three or four times in twelve months, my last visit was also the day I found out I was up the duff, hence not so many recent visits
(fingers crossed for a homecoming party in the new year for her xx), there was a cupcake shop I wanted to check out (any excuse really), but the main reason for my visit last week was to see the Valentino exhibition before it closed.

While I was a little unimpressed at the state of some of the dresses all in all AMAZING!!!
I'm assuming that some of these dresses couldn't be laundered but I had a few moments where a steamer wouldn't have gone astray, and the dress Julia Roberts wore when she won her Oscar for Erin Brokovich,

lets just say that Julia has more boobage than the mannequin that was wearing the dress.

I may have welled up a bit. Dresses worn buy Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn, 
the craftsmanship and reading Valentino's quotes reminded me that with his retirement 
there was another piece of history that I had witnessed.

On a totally different note why is it that 26 degrees in Brisbane is hotter than 26 in Melbourne?
I guess that explains my child free lunch beveridge

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