Monday, November 22, 2010

Point and shoot: Da da da Daaaaa

Da Da Da Daaaaaa. Here comes the bride (zilla).

We were invited to a wedding on the weekend. It was for the son of a family friend of P's. 
I do know the groom but had never met the bride so I was feeling a little awkward about the whole situation. When I did meet the bride my awkward-ness was justified. As the new couple did their circuit and we handed over our gift (envelope), I had a little chat to the groom, then congratulated the bride and told them both they looked great as did the reception room, I then thought I should formally introduce myself to the bride. Laughingly I said "Oh by the way I'm Belinda". Her reply - wait for it - "Yeah I know, I did the seating" and then she turned away. 
I don't care if we don't know each other and to be honest I don't care if we never see each other again but you would think after handing over an envelope with a couple of hard earn pieces of cash a little gratitude wouldn't have hurt.

So beside that sour note, and my feet aching from my heels, it was a lovely evening. 
The vintage photo booth was fun fun fun.

And the little princess had a blast.
She rarely allows me to put anything in her hair so I was a bit excited when she asked for pretties in her hair. That lasted right until we walked into the reception court yard. 
Oh well at least it lasted the car ride!

Are you playing along with point and shoot as well.
Even if you're not have you seen fatmumslim's blog makeover. 


  1. I LOVE the Photo Booth idea!
    i wish i had it at my wedding!
    very cute pics.

  2. what a gorgeous little princess you have!
    The photo booth sounds like a fantastic idea.