Monday, November 29, 2010

A weekend of how's and why's

Well hello Monday, weren't you just here. 

Us Melbournites were inflicted with another weekend FULL of raining, pouring.
I am seriously starting to think Mother Nature is playing practical jokes on us. The low 30's during the week, then back to long sleeves and umbrellas on the weekend. WHY?

Being stuck indoors can make my little Sadiecakes a bit of cabin fever
And I struggle to work out HOW she can go from this sweet little angel

to this, faster than you can put up an umbrella in the pouring rain.
"Don't wan it!!!!!!" With a big emphasis on the crossed arms. So dramatic

I guess the "Terrible Two's" are to blame for that. 

I try to put myself in her shoes, it must be hard when your communication is limited and there is SO much to learn. Most car rides are filled with questions of "WHAT's this & WHAT's that" and I can pretty much guarantee that every time she lays down to sleep a random noise will occur and she'll ask "WHAT dat noise?".
Thankfully the fun outweighs the frustration.

This weekend I was also questioning HOW we have come to rely on electronic banking, as my bank had major issues and my accounts and went into debit.
While I was a little panicked (it seems to be fixed now) I spent most of the weekend cashless and my cards wouldn't work. Thank goodness for my parents still living practically and having some cash, otherwise it would have been steamed rice and tomato sauce for the next few days.

How was your weekend? Are you playing point and shoot over at Fat Mum Slim's?


  1. The weather over the weekend was indeed mood dampening. And sorry about that bank incident. It was all over the news. Hope it gets sorted out.

  2. im hearing you! as soon as mr 2.5 is stuck indoors for one day the horns come out!
    great pics x