Tuesday, February 23, 2010

34 before 35

I have been working on this list for ages, so I thought I had better finish the list and start crossing things off. I might pick some and go into a bit more detail but for now here it is

1. MOVE HOUSE. This consumes my thoughts too much but I want to be closer to my nearest and dearest and have a house that is open plan living. 
2. Lose weight, am going to aim for 15 kilos (but 34 before 35 would be awesome)
3. Learn how to use my SLR camera properly (on manual mode), it's a Canon 450D if you  have any tips
4. Learn how to use photoshop (oh and have enough $$$ to buy it for my mac)
5. De-clutter. My house, my car my make up bag. everywhere
6. Visit my beautiful friend in Brisbane and spend a couple of days in Byron Bay on a proper holiday, in a hotel with NO plans.
7. Make more ME time, very hard to do with a toddler and a partner with too many work responsibilities
8. Exercise more. I plan to combine TV time with moving my butt, good combination I think.
9. Make weekly meal plans and grocery shop wisely
10. Do a resin jewellery making course
11. Do a screen printing course
12. Teach myself to crochet
13. Host a Christmas in July party
14. Attempt to make sushi at home
15. Get re-fitted for boobie holders (saying it that way is the only way it could be close to fun)
16. Make a quilt
17. Build a custom doll house for Sadie
18. Read more. real books not blogs and magazines
19. Be as green as possible and continue to reduce my carbon footprint
20. Book a consultation to have corrective eye surgery and hope I can have it
21. Be kinder to my skin, give it a bit more attention
22. Find THE perfect foundation.
23. Get at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep
24. Have Sadie sleep in her room most of the time rather than mine.  Am still happy for occasional morning visits, who can resist wake up cuddles!!!
25. Conquer toilet training 
26. Make use of my savings account and actually save money
27. Get involved, I read lots of blogs but comment on few and I think you write on the web with the chance that someone may actually read your thoughts so more commenting from me.
28. Wear nice bed clothes. i love my Peter Alexander pj pants SO much but always team them with whatever singlet or t shirt  I can find. Time to buy matching sets and pretty things.
29. Find a tea that I like and reduce the coffee. A visit to T2 sounds in order
30. Wear coloured tights this winter
31. Aim to get some natural vitamin D and spend more time outdoors
32. Fix my sewing machine and umm yeah sew!
33. Be the best mother, partner, daughter, sister and friend that I can be and focus on my strengths rather than my weakness's
34. If  #1 comes to fruition start planning for baby #2


  1. great list B, your mind clearly busy.
    I really do hope you get them all done, even half not that I have any doubts. I am gunning for #34!!

  2. amazing list! i love it :)

  3. Great list, good luck with ticking them all off :)