Thursday, February 18, 2010

MJ Fall Winter 2010

My obsession is obvious, I make no apologies for it.


Two of my favourite pieces from the Marc Jacobs Fall  collection.
The long dress would make a stunning wedding gown.

I was all set up to watch the show streamed online live but I stuffed up US time zones and was on LA time. New York is three hours ahead. 
I have now watched the show and it was just beautiful, I may have even shed a tear. 
An amazing rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Also I die for this Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket

One day....

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  1. Surely you can buy this? Just get a few jobs at least 6, & thats should cover it hehehehehehe.
    If not you should be able to buy it all soon when the chain stores rip it off, it won't be the same but better than nothing :(