Friday, February 12, 2010

i heart fatmumslim

I am not even sure how I discovered Chantelle's blog, but as soon as I did I went back to when she began and, over two nights,  read it from start to present.  fatmumslim has now become a daily ritual. 

Chantelle has just put together the most beautiful ebook full of blogging tips to help you get over blogger's block and to get you inspired. Even if you don't blog but keep a written diary there are tips in here to inspire personal writing as well.

I'm not going to tell you what's in it, you'll have to purchase it for yourself at her blog. You will not be disappointed, it's a little bit more than a cup of coffee and a bit less than a bottle of wine and as Chantelle is giving a percentage of the profits to the National  Breast Cancer Foundation it can be considered guilt free purchase!

While I'm at it let me tell you a little about Chantelle, actually you can find that out yourself by reading fatmumslim. I'll tell you why this blog has become a must read for me.

* This blog is beautiful. Not only does Chantelle have a way with words, she shares the most beautiful images. Some are taken by her, some by other people, either way they are always lovely.

* I sometimes feel like she writes for me. I would never intentionally plagerise her work but on more than one occasion I have thought "Gee I should just post a link to this rather than writing my own" because we have a few things in common. 
  - We both have little girls with not a lot of hair, which reminds me, this was one of the posts I had wanted to link. Like Sadie, Chantelle's little girl Lacey has been mistaken for a boy   WHILE WEARING PINK AND/OR A SKIRT!!!
  - We seem to have fairly similar taste when it comes to clothing, make up and design in general. So it's always nice to read about other people's finds
 - We both suffer from weight issues and I feel that she writes very honestly about this.

* I really admire her. I don't know how she does it, really I don't know how she fits everything into her day. This is one lady that has multi tasking and time management down to an art form. Daily posts, a full time job, a toddler and everything else in between. You go girl.

* She has a wonderful relationship with her family. I love the  posts she shares after spending time with her family, especially her sisters. My lil sis and I are really close, it's so nice to read about someone else that has a similar relationship with her sisters.

OK I could go on but I will end up sounding like a stalker, come to think of it, lucky she doesn't live in Melbourne i would probably try to "accidently" bump into her and force a play date on her for the girls. 

On a final note after reading the ebook I have so many ideas for posts, so expect to see me around here a bit more and I hope I can find a bit of time over the weekend to spruce up my blog. 

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