Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Favourite Adventure. If you never did, you should

My favourite adventure started sometime in the early part of 2008 pin pointing the exact date would be a little difficult but it continues to this day.
As I mentioned, it was early 2008 my adventure started, but it became a reality on November 1st 2008 when my beautiful daughter Sadie Estrela was born. 
Now everyday is an adventure. Playing, discovering, learning - everyday is something new.
Obviously parenthood is not the adventure for everyone but I say if you never did, you should.

Check out this awesome blog I stumbled across, ifyouneverdid,youshould not only does Jodi have an awesome competition going, which the above is my entry for, but it's an inspiring little blog about doing stuff, having adventures and living life. Love it.


  1. aw thanks so much :) and she's so adorable!

  2. hope you know what i'm say