Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the birthday

While the day wasn't what I had hoped for (no Lily love), it wasn't terrible. 
And involved a guilt free bag of raspberry bullets. YUM!!!
I have come to the conclusion that weekday birthdays suck. 
I do not believe that it's "just another day", but when everyone else still has to go to work etc it just becomes another day. I think I am going to make a birthday tree and decorate the house myself for next year. Without trying to sound blasphemous a lot of effort goes into celebrating the birth of Jesus, I think we should celebrate our own in the same kind of manner! 
My birthday haul was pretty fab though. 
Two bottles of Daisy, books from my wish list, a Peter Alexander voucher, cold hard cash, the stunning origami owl lamp oh and I forgot to put The Mentalist DVD in the photo (oh how I enjoy our Monday night dates Simon Baker). 

Oh and an Angel Face voucher, flowers and the YUMMIEST dinner at Shakahari. I really must try more from the menu there but the Satay Legend rocks my world

And thanks Mummy and Daddy your gift was put to good use, well in my eyes anyway. This arrived yesterday. My newest Marc Jacobs addition. 
UPS I love you. Ordered Thursday afternoon (from shopbop) arrived Monday. 
Now I just have to wait for my present to myself to arrive, I pre-order some new House Of Harlow 1960 pieces and they shipped a few days ago so back to the front fence I go to wait for the postie.
Thanks again peeps xoxo


  1. Is "blasphemous" your must use word for the day.
    Bloody hell B now I have to check out it's meaning. See you tonight.

  2. Oh wow! Happy Birthday!

    Your Marc Jacobs purse matches my bag. I love it. x