Saturday, February 6, 2010

I have a confession

I have a confession. I play with dolls. Yep that's right I admit it and I'm OK  with it.
Sadie and I are slightly obsessed with Kewpie and "her" collection is slowly growing. The newest addition is the tallest one and she's about 35 cm and I'm kind of loving them displayed babushka style. 
WE have Barbies and the Gwen Stefani collection but my current doll crush is Blythes.

I would love a Blythe to join our doll family but it's not so simple. Firstly they aren't the easiest thing to buy, I am no expert but am pretty sure they have limited releases, so it's not like you can go into Toys R Us and just buy one. You need to join waiting lists and hope that there are not too many other freaks before you waiting to give blood in exchange for a doll.
Secondly if , when I do manage to score one she will mostly be a non play with doll as these little babies are, well lets just say you will need more than pocket change!
Finally, and I think this is why I am so fascinated with them, is they freak me out a little. It's all about the eyes, you can change the Blythe eyes by pulling a cord in the back of her head and they can change colour and position and I know for a fact P will find someway of taunting me with them.
So while we wait (and save) I am more than happy to stick with "our" kewpies.

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