Monday, June 14, 2010

I SEW love point and shoot

sometime Saturday arvo

Sadie has a fancy dress party next weekend. I decided it was time to pull out the machine and get my butt into gear and get her costume sorted. For fear of failure I don't want to show you until it's finished, but I spent the good part of Saturday afternoon patting myself on the back. 
I'm hoping that some sewing mojo will stay with me, I have a few projects I'd love to start (and finish) for myself so fingers crossed.

A lovely weekend was had around here. On Saturday I did a quick dash to the sisters market to grab a few goodies from Susannah Tucker at her last market in Oz and there were some goodies I wanted to pick up from the always lovely Alison from Lark. This was followed by my sewing session and managing to sew with a munchkin insisting on holding the reverse button down on my machine. Just when I thought she couldn't get any cheekier.........

My stomach was rumbling as I cleaned the house Sunday morning, Sadie and her dad finally rolled out of bed around 11 ish and we went for a leisurely stroll down to the village for some brunch. I love love love that we have so many destinations that are a short walk away.
Now that we are a bit settled I can't wait to explore our new "hood".

I also had loads of fun with the hipstamatic app I had forgotten about on my phone, here's some point and shoot out takes. 
Have you played point and shoot yet? C'mon join in here


  1. Oh so much I want to comment on.

    * I can't believe you can sew. I'm so jealous, and I can't wait to see your finished product.

    * 11am wake up. Umm... ok. Super jealous. That's AMAZING!

    * I so love Susannah Tucker's talent. What did you get?

    * And I can't wait to get an iPhone. I love your photos.

    And lastly. Thanks for playing along. xx

    PS I don't think I've ever told you, but Sadie was one of my fave names for Lacey. I think it's such a beautiful name, and each time I read it here it makes my heart sing. It really does. x

  2. Oh - I just headed over to Susannah's blog. I missed that she was moving away - wish I had of got to the market, now I'll have to shop on etsy instead!

    (love the hipstamatic photos! reminds me to use my app again :D )

  3. I just did my 1st point & shoot the time has come to have a go I am sick of looking at your great photo's. I wish I had that thingamajig to do that soft whimsical thing to my photo's. Yay for sewing, yay for Sadie making her look even more super cute. Can't wait to see the result.
    Ky xxx

  4. A fancy dress party! Oh my gosh! That just sounds like it is too fun for words : ) Love your picture. I think girls that can sew are SO cool! I ruined my mandatory project in 7th grade home ec... : (

  5. oh I love those jars! too gorgeous x

  6. Ok so while I can sew I have to admit I'm not a great sewer. I'm impatient so usually skip crucial steps and end up with more rags than I do actual things to wear but I'm getting better, at slowing down at least.
    Chantelle I brought a heap of the 4 x 4 cards from Susannah Tucker I really wanted to buy some more photo blocks but money's too tight to mention!!!!!
    I seriously think you'll love the iPhone if not just for the photography apps. Speaking of which Ky you can download them on your phone. This was using the hipstamatic app.
    Angela those jars were from Lark they were the other reason I went to the market and they were ONLY 15 BUCKS!!!!
    I'm busting at the seams to show the nearly finished project but I'll wait until it makes it debut at the birthday party!!

  7. Oh I forgot to say well done Ky on joining point and shoot. Fun times
    Oh and Chantelle It makes me happy that you like Sadie's name. For us it was something that felt right from the start and the fact that in Hebrew it translates to princess helped cement our decision