Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back to the list

Some time ago I posted a list of 34 things I wanted to do before 35
I kind of got a bit sidetracked, so I thought it was time to go back and check off a few things and make a game plan to check off as many as I can.

Thankfully with our recent move, number 1 can be crossed off.
There are quite a few that I am shifting gears towards like # 32. My sewing machine is fixed and I have done some sewing for Sadie, I have also got some material for myself I just need to find a way to check #7 of because if I had more me time I'd probably be able to cross a lot more off the list, but I don't really anticipate that happening too soon.

I am excited that I can check #29 off the list, in finding a tea I love.

Without sounding like a paid for advertisement (I wish), I discovered the Tea Maiden at the last Modish Market.
I'm loving the Tea Maiden's Blend. Delicious!!!!!!
 "Enjoy a cup of this comforting tea after your meal to aid in digestion. This soothing herbal infusion of liquorice root and peppermint will steep you into a calm mind and allow you to relax and de-stress anytime."

I'm currently working on #9 and doing a two week meal plan and next week #8 will have half a tick next to it! I'll be sure to fill you in on those details

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