Thursday, June 24, 2010

Say hello to T.I.L.T.

So I noticed that I've had a few more follows join recently. Welcome welcome welcome.
Now that I have an audience I figure I should try to deliver something to keep you coming back.
My favourite blogger Chantelle over at fatmumslim does a weekly post assignment called point and shoot, I love it and participate most weeks. In fact a lot of my blog posts end up being point and shoots. So I was thinking I should do something weekly to get my blogging mojo back on track, so I came up with T.I.L.T.


The beauty of this is there is SO much room for cheating. 
Things I love Tuesday, Things I Love Today, Things I Love Tonight!!!
(and hopefully there won't be too much need to use it but Things I Loathe Thursday might come in handy as well).

So without much further ado my first official TILT entry shouldn't really be called a thing and it's something I love everyday and it's my little boogaloo

My life really was changed for the better 20 months ago when this little creature made her (late) entrance. When she was a baby I could just stare at her for hours in amazement that I had made this being. In fact I still sometimes do.
Now I spend most of my days laughing at that cheeky little face. I have a little clown on my hands, who has now worked out that she can make people laugh on command, so it's nothing unusual for me to walk into a room and see her with a pair of knickers (clean from the airer!!!) around her neck and a basket bobbling over her head while asking "Where's Sadie?". 

Oh fun times. There's so many things I love about her.
I love that she loves music and will shimmy around the house and bop away in the car.
I love that she is full of love and gives the biggest hugs from those tiny arms.
I love how her face lights up when I get home from work, or when she hears P's keys in the door.
I love when we get to our swimming lessons and her Nan is in the pool doing aerobics, that she starts shouting for Nanny as soon as we walk through the door.
I love how she will put her toast on photos of family and friends and share her "yum yums".
I love that she makes me strive to be a better person so I can teach her to be the best she can be at anything she does.

What do you love today? 
C'mon join the love fest.
Leave me a comment or dedicate a blog post to your T.I.L.T.

I might even try to get this blogging mojo into top gear and give you a few more T.I.L.T.s over the next few days


  1. Your daughter is gorgeous, she sounds like such a happy girl. TILT is such a fantastic idea, looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. Thanks. She is definitely a keeper!!!!