Monday, June 28, 2010

Point and shoot: These boots are made for walking

Saturday 10.58

I love winter weather. Time to snuggle, get cosy, boil the kettle and watch a TV series or two.
Well I used to. Now I have a ball of energy that does not stop.
I'm not really an outdoorsy person, but I'm trying to find the inner, umm, outdoor part of my personality (how lame did that sound? ANYWAY).
So, I brought me some gumboots for some outdoor adventures.
Boots, jackets and beanies on, we headed down to the farmer's market for some vegie  goodness. 
Our adventure started well, food samples to try, puppies to chase and bags of pink lady apples at bargain prices. 15 minutes into our adventure I grabbed Sadie's hand to prevent her from walking into a pile of mud and it was like grabbing five little ice sticks.
She was totally oblivious to the impending frost bite, as she would have been more than happy to continue chasing the dogs around. I was not, so back home we came to a couple of cups of hot milo and the addition of GLOVES to our shopping list.

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  1. OMG I am still envying those boots of Sadie's

  2. i love it!! i have soooo many photos like this... from bare feet with freshly painted toenails, to flip flops, too toe socks, to boots... makes me smile!

  3. Cute boots! It is hard to get out when it's so cold, isn't it?