Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bon Jovi fever has swept over this household.
 2 more sleeps until i see my long time love. I'm a bit excited.
Bogan rock or not, I love Bon Jovi, unashamedly.

They provided the soundtrack to my adolescent life (and beyond).
I've seen them play every Australain tour, with the exception of one, and I've travelled interstate to see them. If I had the time and money I would do it again and again.

I remember screaming the words to "I'll Be There for You" at the top of my lungs, trying to loose my voice (that's when Demi Moore was in her prime and husky voices were longed for).
I remember being broken hearted when Jon married his childhood love and I remeber when the "Always" video came out, debating with people over who was the hottest between Jon Bon Jovi and the actor in the video clip.

The Slippery When Wet tour was my first "unsupervised" concert. 

I went with my sister and a friend from school, one of the ones that you loose touch with but always refer to by using their whole name. 
Much to my embarrassment (at the time), we were dropped off and picked up at the door by my parents and I was given stern words and was told to make sure my lil sis was beside me at  ALL times. I wrote Bon Jovi all over my runners and make a leather cuff in one of my classes at school with JON stamped on it. (I probably even thought he would see it!!!). 

And while the years have passed and I have stopped vandalizing my footwear my love for Bon Jovi has never ended and the memories have continued. My first concert date with P was when Bon Jovi did a one off  charity show in Melbourne and when one of my closest friends played the Rumba tour we had loads of fun sneaking around trying to "run into" Jon or Richie. So excuse me while I indulge and leave you with a magical Jon Bon Jovi moment - 
the Versace campaign.......


  1. You are one very funny chick .... So - How was he???

  2. Ha ha love releasing the inner bogan.
    He was AMAZING. The band were pretty good too - so I'm told!!!