Monday, December 6, 2010

Point and shoot:

Messed up plans, BBQ's, catch ups, cleaning and tree decorating. 
And there goes another weekend, just like that.

and just because I couldn't pick our pretty Christmas tree over some pretty flowers, here's a double point and shoot for this warm Monday morn.
Oh peonies how I love you so.


  1. your little one is the cutest.....and i love those flowers too {are they seasonal??????} thanks for stopping by hope to see you at the next point + shoot lisa xx

  2. so love these snaps - too cute with the cherub and the christmas tree and those flowers are seriously gorgeous - looove the hot pink! Naomi x

  3. Thanks chics.
    Lisa they are peonies and sadly are seasonal.
    I always thought they were an early November flower but my florist hasn't had them and I ran into the supermarket for something boring and these were at the front door, I couldn't resist.
    I would love to grown my own, but am a terrible gardener.