Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sadie's first ever super fabulous celebrity meet

OK so he may not be high on most people's radar's but I LOVE Johnny Weir.
It was the winter Olympics this year where he first caught my eye 

I love me a bit of fabulous and quickly became a fan. Following him on twitter and facebook, which is where I found he was coming to Australia. I knew I HAD to see him skate. Let me just state her I'm not a skating fan, but anything with a bit of drama and showmanship, I'm all over. 

So when the man of the house managed to organise some tickets for us I was more than a bit excited  so along with my sister and nieces we all headed down to the Icehouse for the Christmas skating spectacular. I wish I could tell you the show was spectacular -  it was random and lame, but the little kids loved it. 
Then out came Johnny 


His first skate was to Bad Romance, I missed part of it as I was trying to fix my lens as I juggled Sadie on my knee, he followed this with Ave Maria and then an interview with Eddie
Seeing him skate was amazing and inspiring. So graceful.
He made jumping and spinning across the ice seem so easy and natural. 
What I didn't expect was

to actually him for him to be so gracious and well UNREAL

and when I asked if it would be OK if he could be Sadie's first celebrity photo he said it would be my honour and paid full attention to her.

I'm so looking forward to his book coming out in Jan (woo hoo birthday present peeps).
If you ever come across the doco titled Johnny Weir: Pop Star On Ice watch it and you may just understand why I love him so.

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