Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dear Santa

I love a good wish list.
I know some people are strongly opposed to wish lists and gift registries, but my thinking is if people are spending their hard earned cash, put it to something that is wanted or needed. I would rather someone spend $20 on something I want, than waste $100 on something that will be put aside and never used. 

I ALWAYS have a list. 
It's topped by a Chanel 2.55 handbag  (black with silver hardware incase you were wondering) but I'm pretty sure I haven't been good enough for Santa to whip on of those out.  

I'm a bit late this year compiling my Christmas list though.
Usually I have a list longer than my arm full of extravagant items with a few realistic things, but I'm having trouble this year. Most things are too extravagant, I don't have the space for or just feel insignificant in the scheme of things.

But  for those that keep asking (love you lil sis) heres a couple of suggestions:

I get the clue that my Alexander McQueen cape is out of the question.
A classic silk scarf and the collectable book are probably a bit over budget as well so I'd be more than happy to receive this Alexander Mc Queen book.

I still have a Holga and a(pink)  Diana F on the list

I don't know if I actually need a digital radio, but I love the look of these pink Roberts digital radios

Some stocking fillers
just discoverd the Absolut tribute to the rainbow flag, so of course I need that too

That's all I can come up with. Seriously.
It probably doesn't help that I've brought a couple of presents for myself.

(House of Harlow sunnies on pre order and a specially made adult size Little Lamb bracelet.
I'll do a show and tell when I get them both)


  1. that radio is fabulous! I didn't think I needed digital radio either but we got it for the shop and it is brilliant.

  2. Umm were you commenting while I was browsing in my fav shop???

    You so know the radio is all about the aesthetic and not the practical function!!!

  3. Nice wish list, thanks for the ideas.....i'm still pretty sure about getting you, P and Sadie those matching knitted jumpers. I'll make sure that the nose on Sadies lights up or is sequined though!!!!