Sunday, December 5, 2010

I usually get a little sad when another year passes by but I really am looking forward to crossing December 31st off the calendar and welcoming 2011.
2010 has been a shit of a year and I'll be glad once it's over.
I'm not really big on resolutions but I'm hoping for some changes in 2011.

The first would be that we are able to buy a new house where we are currently living. The house we are renting is in a fantastic location but it's tiny and has no storage space at all. I keep repeating my little "location, location, location" mantra but all I want to do is put shelves on every wall. I don't think these old plaster walls would even hold a picture hook.

While I'm not planning for my little cake and sweets business to takeover the world
,just yet, I am hoping it will be successful enough for me to give up my part time job. I'm sure lots of people dream about working from home I hope this allows me to. I'mtravelling 45 mins each way to work, so crazy for a casual job but I like the people I work with. While I'm contemplating looking for something closer to home, It's not easy when there are only certain hours I can work, so we'll see what happens there.

I'm also hoping we can manage to squeeze in a trip overseas before we think about adding to the family. I would love to take Sadie to Disneyland. I've never been so it would be awesome to experience with her at such an excitable age.

And of course I hope for health and happiness in 2011. Life seems to have picked up pace in the last few months and I feel like I'm in a constant state of sleep deprivation. So some relaxation and rejuvenation are definitely o the cards for 2011.
Before I get to relax and revive I must get through some of my growing TO DO list. Wish me luck.

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