Monday, December 13, 2010

POINT AND SHOOT : Whoooo we're half way there

Oh yeah, there I was amongst 49,999 others and Jon was singing to me, just me!

I've been trying to remember how many times I have seen Bon Jovi. 
It's 8 or 9, either way the band just get better with age. They done give away many clues that these guys, if not already there, are all approaching their 50's. 
Jon works the stage like few others can, and man can he work the crowd into a frenzy with a quick flash of his, very shiny, pearly whites. 
Love him or hate him you can not deny this man is hot, oh I mean a born entertainer. Two and a half hours of non stop entertaining left me with sore feet and a sore throat but I wish I could do it all again.

*** I have admit the photo there of my boyfriend wasn't taken by me, one of my friends paid a ridiculous amount of money for tickets and was fairly close but the first one is from my phone so I guess that's my official point and shoot.

 As a footnote I might add here that I have been sulking around for the past few days because my bestie called me yesterday and had found us tickets to see them again in Sydney on Friday night. I tried (really freakin hard) to justify spending money I don't have to go but I just couldn't do it. Don't you hate when you can hear the little Homer angel on your shoulder louder than the devil!!!! So anyway as I said I've been sulking, "Veruca Salt" style until the news brought me a big arse reality slap.

If you're feeling sorry for yourself or feel hard done by grab some tissues and read this story

Just makes me thankful for what I have xo

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