Monday, April 12, 2010

Fever isn't such a good thing!

What a mixed bag the last few days have been. 
Friday night I went goo goo for GaGA. I took my niece to see Lady GaGa and we had a ball. Even if you're not a fan of her this chick has TALENT, but I might come back to that, I have some strong feelings about things GaGa related and this is my soapbox to air them!!
Leaving the house on Friday night wasn't easy though as Sadie has been unwell with a viral infection, combined with some grief from her back teeth moving around. This has resulted in high temperatures, bad sleeping and a constant need to be attached to her mumma 24/7. The weird thing is she would have little bursts of hyper energy when I'd think YAY the road to recovery, but alas an hour later temperature up and mood down.
My lovely lil sis came by on Saturday, initially she was going to hang out with Sadie so I could get my garage organised for a big clearance sale I'm planning, but that didn't go according to plan, with a child attached to my hip. We did manage to make some room to move though.
Sunday we celebrated the baptism of my cousin's daughter. I was a bit anxious about Sadie at the church, after her initial bout of chattering away (showing off!) she feel asleep in my arms for the remainder of the service. We then had a great lunch and although Sadie wasn't her usual cheery self, she cheered up with a bit of sugar and some more playtime with her cousins

Is it wrong to be jealous of my own child's wardrobe?

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