Friday, April 2, 2010

Workin' 9 - 5, um try 6 'til ??????

I currently work two days a week. When I say days, I mean 5 hour shifts. And by work I mean paid work.  Back in the "old days" of working full time, I would easily work the same amount of hours in one day that I currently do in a whole week . 
 Now my full time job doesn't have set hours, incentive bonus's or even an end of year Christmas party. The work I do now is not financially rewarding and let's just say that mopping the floor every day is not exactly satisfying.
OK that may have been a bit of a fib, there is a small amount of satisfaction having a clean house, even if it only last for a grand total of 3 minutes.

Lately I have been thinking how nice it would be to have that full time pay packet. To not have to think twice about buying a new nail polish, a pair of jeans, eating out or NEW UNDERWEAR.

But then I hear that little voice, not the one in my head, the one who's most used word is mummy (or Dora). And naked nails and mismatched underwear don't seem that bad.

Being a mum is the best job ever

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  1. Couldn't agree more even if it's frustrating at times. Lovin' your cheesy smile B.
    Enjoy Dora today, I am sure Miss S will have a blast and hopefully long lasting memories....Maybe not.
    Have fun
    Ky xxxxxx