Friday, April 23, 2010

Home sweet home

Until I had to do it I never realised looking for a house to rent is so much harder than looking for something to buy. When buying you spend a massive amount of money on a place to call your own and if you hate the colour of the walls you can paint them, whatever colour you like. Or you could just remove the wall altogether. When you rent you are living in a place that is to someone else's taste and you can't do a lot about it. While looking I have discovered that there are many people with, lets just say unique taste!

I am beyond positive that we will find tenants for our place in a heartbeat, that is not even a concern. But I need to find somewhere for us to live before I had over my front door keys finding somewhere to call home, well it is starting to stress me out a bit. You see we have a mapped area of where we would like to live, we also have a budget and we also have pets. These three factors don't seem to be easily compatible, so another weekend of house hunting it shall be.
So fingers crossed that somewhere live-able and lovable comes my way. Or that the stars align with our lotto numbers and I can't buy a place that I can smash down the walls of!!


  1. Oh I so know what you mean.
    Our family is now much to large for the little unit we bought when we first got married. So we are renting until we can afford a place big enough for all of us. We have just spend the last few weeks trying to find something that is 'us' and in budget. not an easy feet. I miss painting walls to suit my style.

  2. Good luck with the move. I am starting to pack this weekend. Still haven't found a place but am thinking if I start to live like I have it will happen sooner (bloody "The Secret").