Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just 5 minutes

With great intentions, I sat at my computer to blog about my life of woe, but alas I heard the (insert motorbike noise here) of the postie and look at the little goodie he left in my letterbox. 
So kettle boiled and easter egg stash raided, I'm takin' 5.

mixtape blog and you can order here 
I am very proud to say that Justine, the creator of Mixtape is one of my very dear friends and this zine is something I have seen her develop and nurture over the years and I think she has done an awesome job of this issue, especially considering the fact that she has bubba #2 arriving in just over a week. 
I love you Juzzy xoxo


  1. I love Mixtape magazine, and your friend is so talented. What a lovely thing to witness... a friend blossoming. xx

    Have a lovely weekend Missy. x

  2. I love Mixtape too - Your friend is VERY talented!! I wish her the best with bubba number 2's arrival.