Monday, April 26, 2010

Point & Shoot

The excitement of my weekend may just be the batch of ANZAC biscuits that I baked yesterday.They are a bit naughty though, I melted our remaining easter eggs to top them. MM MMM, MMMMMMMM!

A very lazy weekend was had in this house. Daddy was finally home for A WHOLE DAY!!!!
So while Sadie shadowed her dad, I got some boring household chores done. Did I say boring!!!

We did take a moment of reflection for ANZAC day. "The Last Post" always gives me chills but I must admit I was a bit teary this year. I was very thankful that my cousin is back on Aussie soil recovering after being involved in a roadside bombing in Afghanistan earlier this year.He was in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago and it was great to see he, he's now back in Brisbane for rehabilitation and is on the road to recovery. So hearing stories of the soldiers that haven't returned from previous wars really hit home.

This munchkin did make me laugh a lot this weekend though. Especially as she kept reaching for the biscuits with a couple of her favourite words

and "Yummy"

Can't wait to see if any of the other point & shooters had bigger adventures than us

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