Monday, April 19, 2010

Point and Shoot

Peek a boo.
Here's my entry for this weeks point and shoot
I took advantage of the return of the sun and think I may have washed every item in my house, so much so that I had to use the inside airer. 
Sadie thought this was ace and has now found her new peek a boo spot.
She is on awesome overload at the moment. I discovered on Saturday that she has learnt (?) a new element of fear, or a way of dealing with it at least. We were watching Lazy town and there was a snow monster, she sat on my knee with her hand over her face every time it came on screen. Obviously I don't like to see her frightened but it was extremely cute.

Last week in my haste to get my post done before rushing off to work (ahh Mondays) I forgot to properly explain my point and shoot. You see my photo was actually taken by Sadie. While she was taking photos of us (and our ears, top of heads etc.) my niece was snapping away at her. Some people freak at my willingness to let her touch and hold grown up stuff, but I figure the sooner she learns to treat things carefully the better. And who knows maybe I am nurtuing a future photographer


  1. Sadie couldn't possibly be any cuter. Sigh. ♥

  2. Thanks, my heart is constantly melting, I think I now have a puddle in it's place

  3. Are you talking about me when you say "some people freak" at you letting her touch all those expensive toys? Well if you weren't, then you should be because it does freak me out!!! But your an ace mum and i know you've got it under control!!!xoxo