Thursday, July 1, 2010


Things I Love Thursday

Hi Hi. Welcome to another addition to T.I.L.T.
This week I am declaring my love for magazines.
If I'm honest magazines are probably more of an addiction or an obsession than a love.
With our recent move I even shocked myself with the amount of magazines I packed.
And that was after getting rid of four green bags full of them.

My current stash

I don't have any particular rules when it comes to my purchases. 
I am tending to steer away from trash mags, you know the ones where most of the articles start with " a source close to the star claims........".  As I can find most of those stories, true or not, online (and free).

Must haves are Shop Til You Drop, Real Living and Frankie.

Some months I'll buy all the home and craft type mags, the next month parenting mags then it's all about fashion. I used to love going to the airport for all the latest international releases, but now Borders provides me with all the page flicking love I crave, as well as a place to flick through them while sipping a nice hot coffee.

With the amount of money I've spent over the years I  could potentially have a wardrobe full of Chanel hand bags. The only problem is I wouldn't know which is the hottest must have.

I suppose my addiction could be worse, it's not like my habit will harm my health, pity the same can't be said for my purse strings.

Please feel free to play along. What are you loving today?


  1. I was telling my hubbie about you just the other day. I remembered your magazine dilema when you were moving house and I am soon to face this same thing!! What to keep and what to dare I say it - throw away ..... But like you I just keep adding to my pile and I am in complete denial about what lies ahead ... magazine bliss for now I reckon!

  2. The only tip I can offer is green bags and empty nappy boxes.
    Green bags 3/4 full still heavy but easy to move. My entire Real Living collection (all 50 something copies) fit perfectly into a Snuggies box.
    I also found these great tubs at Target, I think I got them on sale 4 for under $20 and each fits a years worth of Shop Til You Drop, which I keep every issue of as well. Not really sure why but I figure Sadie may one day want to have a flick through.