Friday, July 23, 2010

The elements of Zoe

There are so many elements of Rachel Zoe's life I'd love to have in my own

Her wardrobe,

living room, address book and husband to buy me "Dylan McKay's porshe".

Today what I would love most of all

is a big fluffy white robe to lounge around in.

(A couple of Missoni Home cushions wouldn't go astray either).


  1. No I want the porshe... Also how can someone look so good in that robe when they're suffering from vertigo? I am sure she has it in that last shot. When does next season start?

  2. Yeah that was when she had vertigo, was the only picture I could find with her wearing it.
    New season starts in about 3 weeks in US we usually get it around Christmas time. (or instantly for downloaded viewing!!!)

  3. This is one of my secret favourite shows .... LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!