Monday, July 19, 2010

point and shoot

So this weekend as I thought about my point and shoot, I held back the tears as I took the side from Sadie's cot and transformed it into a bed. Well a day bed really, at night she sleeps with me, I mean us.

I love the raised eyebrow when people hear this. Yep we are co sleepers!!!

It hasn't always been that way and truth be told, now I think it's more for me than for her, nothing beats waking up with a little hand on your chest, although the occasional foot in the face 'aint so much fun.

So baby steps - some toys for company and chill time can be spent in her room. We'll even try for day sleeps in there (when they do happen), eventually she can spend the nights in her room.

But I'll give it until the end of winter.
Otherwise I would have to buy an electric blanket to keep me warm.

Oh and if anyone has any sleeping tips, especially if you were a co sleeper I would LOVE you to share with me.


  1. The cot/bed is just awesome! I co-slept with all of my babies until they were ready to sleep on their own. It was the only way I got sleep while breastfeading. I too had people raise their eyebrows at me. In the end all that matters is if the child and the parents are happy.

  2. Hiya, I just found you via Fat Mum Slim's blog and I just had to leave a comment because that is just the cutest photo and we also took the cot side off our 2.5yr old daughters cot on Friday. And I too felt sad my 'baby' is growing up.
    We're a bit different in we don't co-sleep but if we were to have another I reckon I would as I LOVE snuggles with her.
    I agree too with Kelly - stuff what anyone thinks hey, as long as our kids/us are happy : )
    oh oh and that is just THE most gorgeous tent... would love to know where you found that treasure (if you don't mind me asking?? )
    cheers Justine : )

  3. Thanks girls Thanks guys
    Justine the tent was from Cotton On. I think they usually have them around Christmas, this was from 2 Christmas's ago. They had an awesome one last year that was bigger and was a square castle. I'm a little sad because I'm not sure she'll have the space for it once the bed extends out further, I'm sure I'll find space for it though as it's FANTASTIC for holding the million too many stuffed toys she has and she usually sits in (or on) with them and gabbles away. So much fun

  4. Hey, thanks heaps for that Bel..... I will look out for them because I'm still talking about it LOL. I think I am reliving my childhood via mine. Eeks. And I hear ya on the stuffed toys...oh lordy will they ever end hahahaaa :)