Monday, July 12, 2010

Point and toot

During the the week I decided that Sadie was going to experience her first train ride on Sunday. By the time Saturday rolled around, the weather was miserable, the house was untidy and I had a laundry full of washing (add to that a babydaddy that lumped around with a hangover all day Saturday). I was ready to can the idea but I got up Sunday morning and thought to myself, when Sadie gets older she really won't hold those clean clothes and house close to her heart and while she may not remember her train ride, I will and she will always have the photos to look at.

I'm not sure if it was the ride or people watching in the train that she enjoyed more, either way she had a smile on her face followed by yum in her tum after morning tea at the Lindt cafe. Babychinos, divine mochas and OMG Salty Caramel macaroons. Personal highlight was watching her charm the pants off all the kool kids at General Pants as she danced around the store while the babydaddy tried on jeans. I love this kid!

How was your weekend? Don't forget to play Point & Shoot.


  1. That's gorgeous. My Bebito loves the train too which is right by our house and he regularly wakes asking for, "Train". I love that she charmed the salespeople with her fab dancing though, too cute!

  2. Oh, that is sweet - love the pictures of her looking out the window!

    I'm sure she would have loved that, I know my 2 year old would!

  3. Oh, you near made me cry. You're so right. They won't remember how messy the house was, or how much we had to do... but they'll remember the time we spent with them.


    Thanks for the little life lesson. I think the Universe just sent me a whisper. ♥