Sunday, July 4, 2010

Point & Shoot

My mum, my nan and my daughter (Saturday arvo)

Busy Busy Busy. Jam packed weekend for us
Friday I did a kid swap with my sis and bribed my 11 year old niece that It would be better to see Eclipse with me than her friends!! Loved it. Still Team Edward all the way, but Taylor Lautner certainly gave RPatz a run for his money in this one.
Saturday a quick trip to Kikki K then a visit to the Substation market, where Sadie had her face painted and we shared a yummy Red Velvet cupcake. Followed by a visit to my nan and then topped off the day with a Snuggies and Uggies drive in screening of Toy Stoy 3. Love love loved it so much, and yep I may have shed a tear. Jessie (the cowgirl) is a huge favourite of mine. It might be the red hair but I think it's mostly her excitable nature.
My weekend was completed with a brunch catch up with one of my favourite gals and yummy eclairs from Alpha Bakehouse in Yarraville. If you live in Melbourne's west a trip to Alpha is highly recommended. So many yummy cakes, but I think the eclairs are worth a visit on their own.
I'm glad my weekend was super busy, I'm always a bit sad after visiting my nan.
I feel so lucky that Sadie still has her great grandmother around. My Pa passed away the year before Sadie was born. He would have loved her, especially her cheeky side. Last week saw the third anniversary of his death and I don't miss him any less today than the day he left. I'm sure that he's watching over us and Sadie says Hi to his photo, but I still wish he was here.

So I'm getting in early with my point and shoot before it's even up on Fatmumslim
maybe my impatience is getting the better of me but my blogger settings seem to have been changed around and I can not figure out what I have done and can't format any of my posts ARRRGGGGHHHH


  1. so lucky you still have your nan :)
    great pic xxx

  2. Beautiful picture.

    Thanks for playing along. I hope blogger starts behaving soon! x

  3. lovely photo, sounds like you had a very busy weekend. I might have to make the trip to Alpha Bakehouse, I love eclairs!