Monday, July 26, 2010

Point and shoot and bears oh my

It's starting to become obvious that I have NO idea what a quiet weekend is anymore.
I like the idea of putting my feet up and watching a few DVDs on a lazy Sunday but that isn't really a 21 month old's idea of a good time.

The last time we went to the zoo was for a party when Sadie was about a month old, so with her love of animals I thought it was time to pay a visit to the zoo.

When we first arrived we started thinking it may have been a better idea to have saved the admission fee and just gone to the beach as Sadie was more excited about chasing birds.
That was until we got to the lion park.
The lions were almost singing at the crowd it was pretty amazing.

We got to see Mali the baby elephant in all her 300+ kilo cuteness, marveled at the seal enclosure and were all a little jealous of Abby's butterfly catching skills.

It is easy to see why the monkey's are the most popular, we could have spent all day watching the crazy little things the little one in the top photo was staring/playing with Sadie for a few minutes, definite highlight of the day.

P.S. My title is a bit misleading I'm not really sure what the plural version of point and shoot should be and there were no bears to be seen. (Obviously a very smart species!!!)


  1. i love to watch the ineractions between kids and animals... so special

  2. Gorgeous pics my Fav is the 1st i love Monkeys...i could sit and watch them all day!

  3. I'd love to see some singing lions. I am really looking forward to when my little girl is old enough to appreciate lions, tigers and bears.

  4. Gorgeous pictures, I love going to the zoo!

  5. One of the best days!! Can't believe Sadie walked around the entire day!! Thank god though or else her majesty, Bella, wouldn't have been able to sit in her pram!!!! Why didn't you put in that the lions were 'loving each other'!!!!!

  6. Great fun, you really can't beat the zoo! I bet she was exhausted at the end of such a big day.