Thursday, July 15, 2010


Wowee, is it really Thursday already? It must be time to share somemore
This week is more of a Thank You than a love.
Thanks CRAYOLA you rock my world.
We love drawing in this house and I have spent a small fortune at two dollar shops on pencils and crayons. Eventually I dumped the cheap pencils that had little colour and bit the bullet and "allowed" Sadie to share my Derwents.
This caused a near riot in my house as my cousin still has a chip on his shoulder about me not sharing my Derwents with him when we were growing up. I swear I would have shared with him at least once, but more than likely they weren't put back in proper order, oh how good does a full tin of Derwents look!!!!
Anyway so we were happy with the colour but with the constant dropping pencils really aren't that toddler friendly (oh and lets not even talk about sharpened pencils).
So while passing the time in the stationery isles I stumbled across these

These Slick Sticks are THE BEST CRAYONS EVER. Good colour, in a plastic case so no cracking and they come off super easy with a baby wipe. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
Then we spread the love by using them to make wrapping paper.

Love all round xoxo

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  1. Big shout out to abs for the cameo appearance!!! Can't believe Bel didn't make one as she usually does!!!