Thursday, July 29, 2010


Things I LOVE Thursday

I am LOVING me some beetroot chips at the moment. SOOOOOO Good.
Being $3 + per packet, I think I might have to try making my own.
I found this recipe on that I might try this weekend.

I'm also loving some quality Aussie TV.

I watched the first season of Tangle when Foxtel played them back to back recently.
I sort of wish I had recorded these to watch in one big session, I hate waiting for the next episode.
Finally something else I'm lovin' today is my new family portrait.
No words needed


  1. Oh ... I love Tangle too - BEN, yum!
    Love the last pic of crazy faces - How fun!

  2. I loved Tangle too, can't wait for second season to show on foxtel. I know what you mean about wanting to watch it all at once, weekly episode are annoying. Love your family portrait, thats so cool!

  3. I love Tangle, my mum was on to it before me & hounded me to watch it, so I did what you did & watched season 1. I love Vince (MMM Ben), a real pig but he was entertaining.
    Your family is hot!!OMG when did Bella turn into a real little lady I still see her as the baby. So gorgeous all of them. MWAH to Sadie xx

  4. Ben Mendelson? Really?????
    Can I just say the one thing that shit me about Tangle was the scenes where Ben & MAtt Day were jogging. Seriously if "Vince" had money don't you think he would have had better running shoes, and the way he ran made me laugh (while I sat on my arse watching TV I critiquing his running style). Was that spelt right??